MetaTrend Release Notes v.

MetaTrend v.     06/23/2017


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 (v6.1) or higher.

Additions & Changes

  • Schedule
    • Updated Schedule onSave alerts.
    • Set quarter months default to Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec
  • Result
    • Enabled Auditing
    • Added Result As String to header, removed Definition
    • Has Delta now populates.
  • Processes
    • Made Missed Schedule Alert and Request Failure Alert customizable
  • Request
    • When preserving state, attachments use .xml extension instead of .txt
  • Updated ReadMe.txt


  • Series Next Run not populating
  • Schedule form time option sets not displaying properly when day checkboxes were shown.
  • Series views created with wrong object type code
  • Definition View config using standard config info instead of FetchXML